Automatically shift sub-tasks when parent task is moved

With the new sub-task view update that has been rolled out, it is incredibly frustrating that shifting a parent task leaves all subtasks behind, without any indication that the sub tasks are not “contained” within the date range of the parent task.

Is there a way to ensure that sub tasks automatically shift when a parent task is moved?

I don’t think this can be done automatically even if the tasks are having dependencies to each other.
What you can do is to multiselect the Task including their subtasks by holding CTRL + left click and then move them all together.
All tasks get moved the same amount of days.

If you set the subtasks as part of a dependency relationship to the parent, they will behave and move the same as top-level tasks do in the same type of relationship.

But this only works if I move the parent task to the left, right?
If I move the parent task, which is blocked by the subtasks, to the right (future), the subtasks remain at their position.


The answer is a bit complicated, I’m afraid.

Currently, it works essentially the opposite of that: if you move to the right, dependent tasks (whether top-level or subtasks) will shift but only if you move the predecessor such that it overlaps with a dependent. If you move to the left, there’s no shifting because there’s no overlap possible.

Later this month, Asana is introducing a new variant of dependency shifting where it will shift dependents regardless of left or right direction, or overlap/no-overlap.

However, I should also point out what I believe is a flaw in their new design: the new variant not only shifts dependents but also predecessors. I think that’s a mistake and not something most people will want; and in fact I’ll mention that the Auto-adjust workflow in our Flowsana integration only shifts dependents, not predecessors.


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