Auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks when dates changed in list/board view.

As the title suggests, it would be great if auto-shifting dates would also work when updating dates in list and board view. Ideally, I could change a date from My Tasks and have this auto-update dependent tasks instead of having to click into the project timeline view and update in there.


Great request @Jamie_Russell1! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I’ll keep you posted once I have news about this feature.

Hi @Jamie_Russell1,

FYI this capability is available in Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust workflow type. You can change a task’s start/due dates from any view and all tasks which are dependent on it will be shifted by the same number of days.

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My guess is that it only happens in Timeline because you “see” the change. In Asana, there is never anything changing “in the background” as it could create a lot of problems…

I reported similar feedback, along with the basic needs of content managers, here:

My jerry-rig was to create a Google Sheet with [=workday(date,-days needed)] used throughout to spit out the dates, plus a cute visual timeline with the Bubble Chart according to this tutorial: How to Make a Timeline in Google Docs and Google Sheets + Free Templates

I then manually copy each of these dates into Asana, preferably over a Scotch :neutral_face:

In addition to adding my vote to this request, I’d like to reiterate the need for this. If a date is changed by the task owner in the list view rather than in timeline view, the project manager must then change the date back to its original prior to shifting it in the timeline view for the shift to be accurate.

I would prefer any updates that the task owner makes in the task’s detail view not require additional work from the PM. Thanks!


When i need to extend a finish date for my task, and i have other tasks depended of it, the other taks only moves automatcly if i move the fist task in the cronograme, but for my company it would be much easier if we could just alter the date of the task and everithing atached to it could also move along automaticly, saving us of having to alter the dates of all the tasks attached to it.

Hi @Tatiana_Spatz, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for providing this feedback! We do have an existing thread for this request in the #productfeedback category already so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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I assumed this was how a dependent task would work - the due date depends upon the due date of the task it’s dependent on.

Seems like with the dependency, there would be another field or something to specify the number of workdays after the previous (depended upon) task that the dependent task should be due. When the “parent” task’s due date is changed, the dependent/child task’s due date would adjust accordingly. I would totally pay for that.


+1 from me as well. This seems like a natural and expected action to me and after using other Project Management tools. Why wouldnt you have dates shift for dependent tasks? This would be a great feature for Asana. Thanks!

I’ve noticed that if I make a task B dependent on task A - if I change the due date for task A, the due date for task B does not automatically adjust (kind of like Microsoft Project). It would be SIGNIFICANT if Asana were to make this update - a way to indicate the spacing between a dependent task so that due dates automatically update between tasks that are dependent.

I hope this makes sense…


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@Phil_Seeman does Flowsana support this?

Yes - @Kelsea_Riddick this is available in Flowsana’s Auto-Adjust Workflow type.

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Hi @Rebecca_McGrath The Auto-Shifting of Dates for Dependent tasks seems to have lingering for years - what is the official Asana response to this request - is it on the roadmap with a planned release date? I’ll try to find it on the #productfeedback tag to see if there’s any new information.

This is such a fundamental and seemingly basic requirement that presents a significant gap in the product usefulness, and it seems that the product team does not agree with the community on this one.

Thank you.


@Jim_Boyle Asana does not share its roadmap so you won’t get an answer. I am confident this is something they will probably work on as it seems to be talked about quite often :muscle:

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I need this functionality SO badly. I do not have the option of using plugins like Flowsana (long story short: adding plugins requires approval from our company that we can’t get due to the way certain plugins access/store information). Currently, I have 4 projects (!) each with 50+ tasks that have all been put on hold 10 tasks in. When they resume, I will have to manually reschedule roughly 200 tasks. Project due dates change, but the amount of time a task/deliverable requires to get done does not. Please add this functionality.


Hi Rebecca, what is the link to the other thread? I would like to vote for it :slight_smile:

Hi @Kelsea_Riddick, this is the thread that I merged @Tatiana_Spatz 's request into :slight_smile:

Oh got it!! Thanks!!

Adding my vote for this feature. It’s one of the reasons I still use Smartsheet for critical projects
Same as one other user comments - we can’t use plugins for security reasons