Dependencies and date adjustment

Hi everyone,
I have some tasks with start and due dates linked with dependencies.
Is there a way to have all the dates updated in all the dependent tasks if I change the date of the first task?
As of now, the arrow becomes red in the timeline view but I still have to adjust manually all the dependent tasks.

Hi @Wendy_Cousin -

I don’t believe this is a capability Asana has built into the platform yet. Fingers crossed they’ll add this to the roadmap one day. :crossed_fingers:t3:

However, @Phil_Seeman has created a wonderful integration, Flowsana, with two due date adjustment features you may find helpful:

  1. Auto-Adjust DueDate-Based Workflow
  2. Dynamic Duration-Based Workflow

It appears Auto-Adjust DueDate-Based Workflow will address your needs best. Check out this forum post by @Phil_Seeman to learn more about it: Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects


Thank you. I am going to try, that looks great!

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