Due dates in cross-project dependencies should be updated

Hi all,

TL;DR - Changes to due dates on tasks with dependencies across different projects should update due dates of dependent tasks in all projects (or pop out a modal asking user to approve date changes in other projects).

My use case: I have projects with many components. Sometimes, individual components will spawn new projects that have a few tasks/milestones multi-homed back to the original project.

My ask: I would like those multi-homed projects to have dependencies in both the origination and the spinoff project. When a multi-homed task’s due date is updated in either project, I would like those changes to be reflected in both projects’ dependent tasks.

I have read this forum post, which leads me to believe that (as of '22) this functionality is not supported (without using Flowsana, which is unfortunately not possible for my org).

Does anyone have any workarounds (or best practices for process) that they have implemented with their teams to allow this type of cross-project collaboration?

@Stephen_Li, All I can think of is using a date changed rule to add a comment @mentioning someone perhaps to manually deal with the issue.

(I tried the List view Update dates for dependent tasks and, predictably, it too doesn’t work across projects.)

If there isn’t a Product Feedback, you could turn this into one.



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