Option to hide weekends in timeline

Hi there!

Great work on the timeline feature - really love its simplicity. One thing however seems over-simplified to me:

There should be an option to hide weekends. If I plan a 5-(work)-day task that is supposed to start on Monday and end on Friday, and then my plan changes and I drag it to start on Wednesday, then it should (automatically) end on Tuesday, not Sunday.

I understand this doesn’t fit every project - hence an option to enable this behavior. However, I think most companies need this functionality.


Yes, I completely agree with this request! This is a major issue I have with the Timeline view, because I have a timeline “template” for certain projects, and I wish it would automatically shift dates forward if they end up falling on a weekend. This would save me the time of having to manually make sure that nothing falls on a weekend.


Adding my vote for this too.

Appreciate it will be tricky to achieve, but an option to hide weekends if there are no tasks assigned on weekends would be great.


Would love a feature like this, or even with a twist, just have the weekends be a different colour at the top on the dates, so i can quickly see if i’m accidentally robbing someone of their weekend!


PLEASE I NEED THIS FEATURE - weekends difference is essential !!!


Totally agree on this! A grey field behind the weekend days would be good enough. It’d be great to

  • have the option to turn off the weekends so that you can not schedule work there.
  • to have similar for holidays.
  • When you slide a chunk of tasks down the time line it’ll adjust to not land on weekends or holidays.

Literally just switched to asana this morning and started using timeline – this was my first instinct. please add!


Absolute requirement, or at the very least an option to highlight weekend columns in a different colour.


Yes completely agree – first thing I searched for when laying out the timeline was how to differentiate weekends. Please add!


Something as simple as adding a show/hide weekends toggle currently available in the calendar view would be really useful for the timeline view.


We are the same - we work Monday to Friday.
We have some tasks that are on a daily recurring schedule but there is no way of stopping it selecting weekends (that I’ve found). If there is any way to allow a “working” week option at the company set up level would be fab for us.

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+1. Using the timeline feature since 2 days and this is the first thing which appears as a hurdle. Please devs make it happen.

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Did this get implemented already?

We want to use the feature but having to manually avoid weekends is just too bad as project is always changing, please prioritize.


I don’t know if this was a change at any point, but on the timeline, the weekends are now color coded a slightly darker background color. I didn’t notice at first, but there they are, right in front of my nose.

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We need it too! It’s basic for us.
If you move a big amount of task forward, you have to check weekend and weekend and weekend and weekend at timeline.


Without this feature, it’s very difficult to use the timeline feature to rough out a project plan. For example, without hiding weekends, a Friday + Monday task looks much larger than it is.


Yes, this!

For me personally the annoyance is that you can’t visualise how much work something is: a 5 day task spanning the weekend, will look like 7 days.


I’m super surprised that this feature isn’t available, and it’s kinda absurd.

With weekends in the timeline, this feature is designed to nudges people to work over weekends. But my team isn’t going to do that. And to have to manually change this when the project timeline changes is, well, it makes the timeline feature unusable.

This is the 2nd time my team has considered moving to asana. The timeline feature was the reason we were reconsidering. The lack of ability to hide weekends was an instant nope. We won’t be switching to it. IMO, timeline shouldn’t have gone out the door without that feature, and it’s a shame because the UI overall seems pretty great and otherwise looks like it’d meet our needs. :-/


This is a huge feature that is missing. As others mentioned, I chose Asana for the Timeline feature. Now that I see that it is basically useless without being able to hide weekends, I will be looking for an alternative platform.

I literally cannot believe you have launched a product without the ability to either ignore weekends (hide them) or automatically adjust the start/end dates when a task overlaps them. You really think forcing people to tweak EVERY subsequent task in a sequence every time you move a prior one in the chain is acceptable?

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