Moving a tasks dependent item to finish on a Monday changes task duration

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Dependent items change duration if they are moved from spanning a weekend to being during a week.

Steps to reproduce including screenshots:
This is running the latest version of Chrome on Windows.
Starting state has an item which is dependent on another. The dependent item is 2 days in duration.

Moving the “Another Item” task to finish on a Thursday, correctly moves the “dependent item” to span the weekend, thus showing 4 days overall, but still consisting of 2 working days.

Moving the “Another item” task to finish on the friday then correclty updates the “dependent item” to start on the monday and updates the duration from the previous 4 days to instead take 2 days. This is what I would expect to happen.

The Bug: If rather than moving the item to finish on the Friday, and instead have the item finish on a Sunday, the “dependent item” which previously took 2 weekend days and 2 working days has now been automatically updated to take 4 working days:

This also happens if it finishes on tuesday as well:

I’m not sure if this is related to something in Option to hide weekends in timeline. The item I’m not actively moving is correctly updating to take account for weekends, but isn’t then reverting if it’s moved back during the week.

The other issue that if I drag a 2 day item manually to start on a Friday, it doesn’t do the spanning. So it’s like the first draft of the “support weekends” functionality is there, but not quite!

edit: New users aren’t allowed to post bugs with more than one screenshot, so I’ve had to remove most of the useful information :frowning:

Adding the missing screenshots:

Adding the missing screenshots:

This is the correct behaviour:

HI @Luke and thank you so much for the great report!

I think I understood the issue you’re describing but unfortunately, after multiple tentatives, I can’t seem to be able to reproduce it. Could you please record a screencast to show me how the dependant item behaves when you move it back to finish on Friday? If you could show the date on your timeline, it would be super helpful too!

Many thanks for your patience and cooperation, I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for the reply.

Here’s a video showing my screen where the bug happens:

I’ve reduced it to only those two items in the project, with no others. Obviously, the “Prevent Dependency Conflicts” option is enabled for the items to move in the first place!

Thank you so much for sharing this screencast @Luke_Lowrey, that’s super useful!

I’ve just filed a bug for our team to investigate and moved this topic to our #bugs:current-bugs! I’ll keep you posted here as soon as I have some update on my end!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know our product team has confirmed this is currently working as expected. This was our way of making sure auto-shifting only incorporates business days.

  • If the dependent task falls on a weekend as a result of auto-shifting, we update the duration so the end date is on a business day. When the task date no longer falls on the weekend, we revert to the original duration
  • If the precedent task lands on a weekend day that would cause the dependent task to shift again, we keep the extended duration of the dependent task. This is meant to account for the fact that the precedent task duration will likely spill over and in this case, you would need to manually update the duration.

Although we don’t have immediate plans to change this behaviour, our team is aware of your feedback and will consider it in future updates.

Let me know if you have any questions!