Moving dependent tasks not working when one task is moved in My Tasks instead of the project


One of my team members moved the dates of a task I had assigned to them from a project. This task affects the next task being started, so it is set up a blocking the next task.

She recently moved the due date of her initial task in her “My Tasks” page to indicate she would be finished later than originally expected. . However, I noticed that her doing this did not move the due dates of the future tasks that are dependent, even though they are set up as dependent sequentially in the project. I had to go in the project and move all future dependent tasks manually to match her new dates.

Is there anyway to fix this? I want to avoid showing this team member how to use projects in detail. My team update the project only from their individual My Tasks when needed and we discuss the impact on other verbally instead. But I don’t want to have to regularly check on the projects for date clashes, as I thought dependency was supposed to automate this for me.

Hi @Charlotte_Martin when she changed the due date at the top it should give an option to change dependent tasks? Does she see this ?

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@Charlotte_Martin - I definitely share your pain and really hope this use case is supported in the future.

Unfortunately, this auto-shifting feature currently only works if the changes are made from the actual project, not from the My Tasks view.

I’m not completely sure of the proper solution, but this definitely needs to be addressed in some form and I shared this feedback with the team after some initial testing.

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Ah that is frustrating, thanks for confirming I’m not alone. My colleague is not always very tech savvy, so I wanted to avoid showing her all the details of the project, but I will have to change my plan.

I really hope this is resolved in the future.

I can’t see a message when I do this

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