How to link tasks?


Once the tasks are connected, if I move the first task, I would like others to move too.
How to do ?


Hi @Guillaume_Diez-Breto - Are you referring to task dependencies? Subtasks? Please provide some more context and we’ll be happy to help.


Hello! Not sure, if Guillame met that, but I´m also interested, if you can link spesific tasks in a way that when I move the due date of one task, the other moves proportionally as well. For example, if I know, that some task will take 1 week longer to achieve. The next task depends on that and can start only when the other finishes,. Therefore, is it possible that it will move automatically also 1 week forward without changing its duration (cause the next tasks need anyway another 1 week to accomplish for exmaple).


Hi @Alexis - I are not refering to task dependecies with subtasks.
In fact, @Maria_Derlos explained my question.


Hi @Guillaume_Diez-Breto and @Maria_Derlos! Marie here from Asana! Unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible. For example, if Task 2 is dependant on Task 1, and if Task 1 due date is postponed because of some delay, the due date for Task 2 won’t adjust automatically. This is something you will have to do manually. Having said that I completely understand your point and how useful it would be if these adjustments were made automatically. I’ll make sure to pass on your feedback to our Product Team for future improvements! :slight_smile:


Thank @Marie, Will be very useful for planning.