Custom Fields: URL as Text & @mention

The Description box allows us to @mention a task or person
and also add a URL which is displayed as text.
Adding this functionality to custom fields would be great.
We can add a URL to a custom field but it only displays the URL, the ability to view the URL as text would be much more human relevant.
This as already been requested here But the discussion has been closed

In addition to making it easier to read and use.
adding in @mentions would also allow users to link tasks with-out creating dependencies as requested in this post
@mentions in custom fields, would also mean those using a contact book project to manage “contractors” or other people relevant to a project. is an easy way.

As mentioned, these features are already available in the description element of a task, so adding them to a “text” custom field would seem an easy step.

Hey @Mark_Jamieson using the people custom field would help here no?

In the text field yes correct the URL is displayed based on what you enter but it is still in text form. You can click “Visit link” to open the site
Also in the CSV export it shows as text unless formatted otherwise

Unless I am misunderstanding something about your request?

@Andrea_Mayer, thanks for reaching out. The people custom field was my first go to… but unfortunately requires that said people be entered into Asana. so not always useful for contractors and other ‘People’ that are being dealt with that don’t have/use asana.

Also Asana did a great job with allowing @mentions of tasks. so including that in custom fields would be great. Allow mentioning/linking tasks, would add ease of use / greater functionality. (i.e. Yes you can do it in the description, having it as a custom field would allow users to see that there was a link and easily jump to said task )

As for the URL: yes you can click the link, which is great. but a massive url string, that you can only see a part of is not human centric. Especially if that link is predominantly a data string ( a link to a google sheet cell for example)
So having the ability to change the url to text. as in other fields (description, notes etc) would be super helpful.

Hey @Mark_Jamieson, I see, makes sense.

Don’t forget to upvote this feedback request yourself :wink:


Can you add a URL type custom field?

Can you support clicking on the URL custom field if the custom field is enabled for display in any of the views?



I’ve moved your post to an already-existing thread where you can add your vote at the top of the thread.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, text type custom fields offer a Visit link clickable icon which can be useful, to some extent at least, until/if this becomes available. See more info at:



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