Add description as custom field

If I have read correctly, its just not possible to add description from within tasks to a custom field. Dunno why not, but…
On some tasks I would like to see/read descriptions on a ceratin tasks - how can I solve this?

The problem statement isn’t clear to me. Could you show a screenshot of what you’re seeing, then mark it up to show what you’d like to see?


Unfortunately, you’re right this is not possible. One solution is to create a text custom field and have that field include key details from the description.


@Christine_Bolton’s solution of a text custom field is one workaround. Another is to use Asana2Go’s Interactive Table output (disclaimer: I’m the creator):

There’s the ability to configure which columns you see and there’s a choice of 1) hover in row to see the description, or 2) just see the description inline in the row (which can make the row very tall). I think I covered those in the video linked in the post.




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