Add a column for description in the project List view

It would be great as a feature to be able to expand the task view to show more task details, for example adding another column like in a pivot table view. That would stop us from having to go into each task separately to e.g. read the description.

Also it would be nice if you could set task time as a % perhaps? So changing the total time for the project adjusts the time for each task based on the % we gave.

Hi @lenka1 and welcome to the Forum!

We haven’t planned to introduce this feature at the moment, but we’ll make sure to pass it on to our team to consider for future updates.

Sounds like you could use a numeric custom field for this! You may also be interested in Workload!


In case it’s helpful, the free-to-most Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) offers either (or both):

  1. Description column in list, and/or
  2. Hoverable tooltip to show Description from a narrow column

So you can see multiple tasks’ Descriptions easily.

See this for more info, including the screencast and Medium post:


Thank you so much Larry! I was told in a workshop to send it as a feature request but it’s good for me to know it’s there :slight_smile:

I am still learning but excited about Asana!

@lenka1, You did the right thing–the feature is not in Asana so it’s good to request it. It’s a feature of the third-party Asana2Go, though.