Adjust Custom field/Tag/Project field width sizes in task list


It would be useful to in task list to be able to adjust the width of field sizes. A large portion is given to the task name. In some cases a task will have a few tags and only one shows. It would be nice to adjust the width so more info is shown.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Bill_Doerrfeld; I’ve slightly modified your title to make your post more discoverable; hope that’s ok!


@Marie, can you combine this post and the votes associated with it into the post I have linked below? It seems like the same request to me, and I am hoping to get some more traction on the feature request.



On the individual task line, would you be able to expand the width of custom fields? Making them adjustable based on the number of characters? Currently we can only see 5-6 characters then an ellipses (ex: “Waiti…” instead of “Waiting for Assets”) 54%20PM


I guess Asana wants the layout to be consistent across all projects, no matter what custom fields you have. But I feel your pain though.


Hi there,

Has anyone figured out a way to expand the custom fields? I am having the same issue. I have sales number that are 6 and 7 figures and I can only see the first 5 digits…it’s causing some problems in the reporting as you can guess. I would love a solution if there is one!



This is weird, but today I am looking at the sales numbers and they show up to 6 digits. If a 7th digit is added, then only 5 digits will show. I changed the number format to not show decimals, so that is probably what helped.


I’d say that above 6 digits the truncate occurs but truncate more than 1 digits because the “…” takes more place :sweat_smile:


I understand the need to concatenate at some point so that it can be consistent and won’t impact certain views/scenarios in Asana, but only allowing 5 visible characters on custom fields that are longer than 6 characters is a bit ridiculous. We are forced to hover over literally ALL of our custom fields to be able to see anything. If the limit were a little longer, like 12 or 15 characters, then I could at least start to abbreviate some things and make everything significantly more visible.

What is the point of a project board if you have to hover over everything just to see it? The project board is supposed to be about visibility in my opinion, and 5 character limits on custom fields is a serious problem for visibility on a board.


Of course! All done :slight_smile:


Thanks @Marie, I am not seeing all of the votes on this post though. The old post had 11 votes and this one only has 7.


Mmm you’re right, not sure what happened there… Votes used not to be carried over with merged threads, but I think it was recently implemented by the platform hosting our Forum. Let me check in with them and see what we can do! I’ll be in touch when I have an update


How to set column width while using custom fields?


You cannot customize design like this at the moment :wink:


@Marie, can you merge this post here into the more popular post linked below regarding the same subject for me?



All done @ThatGuy, thanks for flagging it! :slight_smile:


This is also a concern for us as well. Quite annoying! Would love to be able to adjust the character width of custom fields.