Expand Size of Custom Fields



On the individual task line, would you be able to expand the width of custom fields? Making them adjustable based on the number of characters? Currently we can only see 5-6 characters then an ellipses (ex: “Waiti…” instead of “Waiting for Assets”)


I guess Asana wants the layout to be consistent across all projects, no matter what custom fields you have. But I feel your pain though.


Hi there,

Has anyone figured out a way to expand the custom fields? I am having the same issue. I have sales number that are 6 and 7 figures and I can only see the first 5 digits…it’s causing some problems in the reporting as you can guess. I would love a solution if there is one!



This is weird, but today I am looking at the sales numbers and they show up to 6 digits. If a 7th digit is added, then only 5 digits will show. I changed the number format to not show decimals, so that is probably what helped.


I’d say that above 6 digits the truncate occurs but truncate more than 1 digits because the “…” takes more place :sweat_smile: