I've reached the custom field limit: any ideas?

:wave: Hi all!

Building out a project to house a very large, interdepartmental process and I’ve run out of custom fields. Do you know of any services (ie: Flowsana) that allow you to add additional custom fields to a project?

If not, my backup plan is to jump the task out to a new project — but I’m trying my hardest to come up with another solution instead. Adding the task to a new project would open up additional fields but would also take away the comprehensive view and ability to view the status of all tasks at once to understand progress/accountability.

Any other ideas? I’m all ears :ear:

(and, disclaimer: I’ve reviewed the custom fields I have mapped already and there’s not a single one that I can trim down)

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A task can have 60 custom fields if you multi-home the task so that you don’t exceed the 30 custom fields per project. If you’re on a Business plan, you can usually accomplish this with Rules automatically. I think that’s the best you can do.

I hope you don’t mind my moving this thread because it has general interest.