Custom Field Limitation


Was in the process of creating various custom fields on a project. But very quickly found that I can not add more than 17 custom fields. Is there a reason for this limitation?

Does anyone know how to get around this limitation? I am attempting to connect these fields to a form.

Premium user here.

Hi @Philip_Mathew, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

It’s currently only possible to have up to 20 fields in a single Project. You can find more information about custom fields limitations in this article. I also suggest you to support this request by adding your vote to this thread:

Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I have gone and voted on the request.

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Just to state the obvious but did you know you can create questions in a form without linking them to a field? In my opinion, such a link is interesting if you want to search or filter based on that answer. Otherwise, the answer will be in the description. More than 17 fields seems a lot to manage…

Are you saying we can search based on description? I am yet to find a way where the search in Asana gives results based on text that is in the descriptions.

No you can’t. If you really to search within the answers, yes you should have a field. But do you need to be able to search in all answers?

Not all the time. But it is a need.

I am attempting to mirror a process and automation that exists on Right now the field limitation is one of them.

I use the form and do have many of the fields entered in the description field, but it (20 custom fields) really limits the functionality to drive metrics out of a ticketing dashboard for a complex process. Too much info lumped in the description get’s messy and becomes a lot to parse through when having separate fields would make it cleaner.

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