Maximum Amount of Custom Fields - Why?

I have 20 custom fields and cannot add more. Why not?

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Hi Silva and apologies for the inconvenience! This limitation is there to limit performance issues. Performance is one of priority and we constantly work toward improving them (; so hopefully this limitation can be pushed back in the future!

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this is hardly solved… its a limitation, and not a great one. I would prefer to know my performance may go down if I add more fields, but I DO need another 3 fields in my business. we do licensing for film/tv and we require more breakout, and we are currently required to limit to what appears to be arbitrary. ok… performance… but let me have the choice. PS… how is it this is not a bigger topic?

More custom fields per project would be my number 1 request in Asana. We use the software for customer case management, and need fields to record various types of events throughout the case management process. For some types of cases, we have had to resort to creating multiple projects, each with their own custom fields, and associating certain types of tasks with multiple projects. This is why initially we looked into using Trello, which allows 50 custom fields. But Trello destroyed that plan by changing fields to a ridiculously narrow display length that made it impossible to even give a field a readable 3-word name, let alone read anything written in the fields. (And Trello’s concept of “secure” links, which consist of nothing other than a complicated public URL, is not acceptable at all.) So Trello is a lot better, but the 20-field limitation can be crippling to project design at times.


It’s great news that Asana is now changing the limit on custom fields per project from 20 to 30. (By the way, apologies to anyone I confused with my December 2019 post, where the last sentence should read “So Asana is a lot better …”, not “So Trello is a lot better …”. !!