Increase number of custom fields possible per project

Currently, Asana limits the number of custom fields that can be added to a given project (it’s probably around 30 or so). It’d be great if that limit were dramatically increased or removed altogether.

Custom fields have become incredibly important for our organization, but the current limit is quite . . . well, limiting!

Yes, why limit the number of custom fields??! It’s great for tracking information that needs to be easily exported for a list of clients. What’s the possibility of getting this increased!!!

It would be great if this limitation was not there. It would greatly help some of the more complex workflows that we have in some of our projects.

The custom field limits is a real pain when using Asana as a ticketing system. My ticket request is far longer than 20 custom fields and that doesn’t leave any room to create fields that allow for calculations and other metrics drivers. Really wish Asana would expand this.

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It would be SUPER helpful to have more than 20 custom fields. Some products and projects are super complex and an arbitrary number like 20 seems strange.

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Hi everyone!

We’re rolling out an update increasing the limits of custom fields in Asana and you can now add up to 30 custom fields to each of your project, instead of 20 previously. See more details in the announcement below:

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