Can someone share a video or screenshot of a project list with 10+ custom fields?



I’m trying to sell Asana hard at a company right now. I need to know if a single project list can have 15+ custom fields.

One of the teams uses about 18 dropdowns in another tool to track their processes with clients. If I can duplicated this in Asana, it would be an easier pitch.


I think you’ll find all the info you need here:

I hope this will help you.


Too bad only 5 are visible. I’d never need more than that and it is hard to look at. Hopefully I can persuade that other team who’s using 18 drop-downs in their other tool.


Note that “You can have up to 60 fields per task”, even if you can only see 5 in the center pane.

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You can have many. We use about 15 right now.