Asana use for approx 200 projects, 15 tasks per, and about 5 phases


We would like to implement Asana at our company and I am not sure of the best way. We have approximately 200 jobs, each that have about 15 standard points of completion and they can be grouped into about five phases.

  1. Pre-purchase
  2. Procurement
  3. Installation
  4. Close Out
  5. Collection
    I was thinking KanBan, and each job becomes a task with the steps becoming sub tasks, but then we lose a bunch of functionality. In addition, you can only see like 15 of the jobs in the board view at a time.
    Is it possible to have a job list view and then only drill down into it by clicking on it to see the sub tasks? Should we make EACH job an Asana Project? Is there a good way to look at 200 Asana Projects? Is there a case use like this already happening?
    Thanks for listening.

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Have you tried with Custom Fields? (if you have at least a Premium account)
You could have a list project with all the jobs, and a custom fields for the phase. Doing so you wouldn’t need subtasks.

More info on custom fields here:

Could that be a solution for you?

Doing so, you would be able to see all status at a glance, filter by phase,…


Hi @Dennis_Bosco! :wave:

I am a Customer Success Manager here at Asana and Julien made a good suggestion here! I would have recommended you to use custom fields for the different phases and then filter by the custom field, instead of using sections, as well! :+1:

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We’ve been using Asana for about a year now and it’s been a lifesaver! We have 50-70 projects a month, and all have a very similar path from conception to completion, with some variations. Some take a couple of weeks to complete, some longer. We use templates to create the jobs.
Our challenge is that Asana doesn’t seem to have a way to produce an “All Projects Status” report, where we can sit down every week and do a “30,000 feet flyover” of all open projects to see which projects are where in the process, which ones are behind, which ones are on hold needing additional client information, etc. The All Jobs Calendar shows them but doesn’t designate more specific information. Any suggestions? Thanks


Great question. I’m running a very similar program of work in terms of number of jobs, phases and points of completion. Here’s what I’ve evolved to over time:

  • 1 Asana list project
  • 5 sections in the project to track phases (I was previously using custom fields which worked but found this give me as good reporting in 3rd party tools such as Bridge24 and Screenful)
  • 15 or so points of completion as sub-tasks.

Using the sub-tasks I can plan out timings for each job and assign resource. This allows users to see what work they have coming up and those ahead of them in the workflow who to assign a task to next.

I also, from time to time, use a second Asana project for resource capacity planning. This project has sections for approved and planned jobs as well as a section where I track annual leave and public holidays. Using instagantt’s workload view I can see who might be over capacity on any particular day/week.

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