Link a Project to a Dropdown/Multiple Choice?

I would like to maintain a project as a database to dyanmically populate the options of a dropdown/multiple choice custom field.

Does anyone know if this can be done, or if theres an easier way to manage the options in such custom fields? Thanks!

Hi @FenwayJohnny , I’m not sure I entirely understand your question or use-case, but is capable of updating the values/options of custom fields.

Hey @Richard_Sather - hmm ok. I’ll check that out!

My use case is such that I want to allow for a database of subcontractors to be the options in a dropdown menu so that I can use as a filter.

The list of subcontractors is always growing, so I don’t want to have to manually add them to a list of options in the custom field edit screen every time.

Thinking that it would be cool for a custom field to reference a list of tasks in a project for its list.

Hope that makes sense.

Understood, I had a feeling that is what you were suggesting! And I totally agree this would be very useful, something I hope will be coming soon to Asana. Feel free to add your vote and voice to my post here:

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