Adjust Custom field/Tag/Project field width sizes in task list

Is there a way to lengthen the tag so that labels on the tile/board version of the projects can be more readable. I understand they have a standard length so that there is room for more than 1 tag, but anything more than 3-4 letters and the tag is unreadable until you hover over it - and that is super annoying if you only need 1 tag. Is there a way to make it larger when only 1 tag exists on a card/tile and shorten when another is added to the tile???

I think there is currently no way. The same happens with project tags or custom fields, they can get very small…

I agree, this is very very annoying. There’s lots of space in the web app on most screens and the progress field options for example are short words anyway. As a web developer, it annoys me that fields don’t snap or at least their width can’t be modified. This show work smarter depending on content.


Yea, this is really pretty stupid that you can’t change widths. I started paying for Asana to use custom fields and can’t even see what’s in them! Incredible … Guess I can think of transitioning this stuff to Airtable faster now.


This is also a concern for my organisation, I would love to customize more the custom fields function by first be able to increase the size of width of it.
Thanks for updating this thread as soon as there is some news about this feature :slight_smile:

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is there some update about this issue?

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@Marie - Whats the update on Dev status here? Is this actively being worked on?

Hi @Steven_Pesavento and my sincere apologies for the delay in responding to you. Unfortunately, I don’t have any update on this topic just yet but I’ve just escalated a task to our Product Team to help highlight this feedback from the Forum. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!

Thanks for your patience, have a great day!

I created a small script for Stylish. Stylish is a browser extension to customize the CSS. Just install the extension and this small script I wrote: Asana Extended Custom Fields |
You can click on the “Customize Settings” button to customize the size of the fields.
Nice small workaround until it’s part of Asana.

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Welcome to the Forum @Simon_Mayerhofer and thank you very much for creating this feature and sharing it with us :raised_hands:t3:

Have a great Friday!!

Can you adjust the width of a column in List View? I have a couple of Custom Fields, but was wondering if you can make some columns wider than others.


At this time we cannot manually adjust the column size in list view. What I do to accomplish this, however, is expand my browser window. The list view will shrink and expand with the width of your browser window.

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Is this enhancement in your backlog? Am I able to log enhancement requests in your Community area? Resizing my browser window impacts the size of the task name only. My custom field values are still truncated.


This would be a nice enhancement… we have a few custom fields that need just a hair more width to display the entire custom field value but expanding browser window only adjusts the task title as @Claire_Lundeby mentioned.


@Matt_Hubbard, @Claire_Lundeby, and @Jeff_Maughan

To get wider columns, you can install my custom styling. It looks like this:

The easiest way to install it (in Chrome browser) is:

  1. Install the Stylish Chrome extension (it’s here)
  2. When in Asana, click the Stylish icon in your extensions bar, and find “Streamlined Asana” in the Styles Library tab. If you don’t see it, in that list, click “Find more styles for this site” at the bottom. Once you’ve located “Streamlined Asana,” click it and install.

Note: Installing this custom style for Asana changes more than just the width of custom field columns (see details here). I think it improves it in a number of other ways, too. If you want to revert to the default Asana styles, you can always deactivate the “Streamlined Asana” style with one click.


Unable to install your style. Followed instructions to the letter, but when in Asana and click on Stylish button>FindMoreStylesForThisSite, it opens a new Stylish Window. Clicking “Install Style” does nothing.
Please advise.
Thank you.

(And shame on you Asana for not fixing this yourselves!)

Hi Matthew - We’re sorry to hear you’re feeling frustrated with column width. It sounds like @Joe_Thomas has created a great interim solution! We hope this works for you for the time being. And thanks for your awesome contribution to the Community, Joe!

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Yeah, this really isn’t a feasible work around. Our company, a premium organization, uses Asana but Group Policy Extensions prevent us from using Chrome.


Hi, Matthew. I’m not sure why you were having trouble installing the style. Stylish may have been having issues at the time you attempted install. Try again, and it may work.

As an added bonus, I’ve recently added the option in the “Streamlined Asana” style to bring back hearts! See details and an installation video on my comment here: I liked the hearts better - #53 by Joe_Thomas

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@Joe_Thomas i tried installing via Chrome as well and after clicking “Install” in Stylish, nothing happens. Thanks