New Project View: Table

Hi, long time Asana user here. Thank you for building a fantastic product - I use it for just about everything.

Currently when creating new projects we can choose two view options: “List” and “Board”.

I think it would make a lot of sense to have a 3rd option: “Table”

The best example I can think to compare this to is

Here is how i think it would work in Asana:

Picture a spreadsheet like view, where the columns are like so:

| Title | Description | Custom field 1 | Custom Field 2 (etc.) | Tags | Comment Thread |

And when you click on a value (i.e. comment thread) it will show a modal with the full details inside.

Use case: I’m currently using Asana to manage hiring a new team member. Just the list view doesn’t cut it, but a table view would be GREAT. I’m using custom fields for things like “skills, pros, cons, email, phone, website” - the list view doesn’t allow enough room to view the details of these.


I second this, would be amazing.

I am sort of hacking this together with Google Sheets and Asana, and mentioned it over on this thread.

But having it native to Asana would be a game changer. Dapulse has something like that but would be awesome if Asana did.


Hi William,

I suggest you use the free tool Bridge24 for Asana. They have a powerful grid to display your tasks, subtasks, comments, documents and custom fields. You can choose which columns you want to see and in which order. You can sort, group, etc. Finally, you can export your tasks to Excel. Let me know what you think of it!


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I’m going to check this out again Daniel. When I first visited Bridge24 weeks ago, I couldn’t find any screen shot examples illustrating its interface. Nothing has changed unless they’re hidden somewhere deep within. Seems strange that I’d have to leave the product’s website and venture into YouTube for visuals.

Yes, many times I want to edit tasks in a table view, would be amazing.

Hi Guys! I’m closing this thread since we are rolling out a new Spreadsheet -Inspired List View. You can read more about it here: Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

Have a great day! :smiley: