Project views

I would like to see projects in 1) task/list 2) board 3) timeline 4) progress 5) calendar similar to the screenshot I added below that I took from one of the support docs.


I am not sure what you are asking… You already have those views available at the top. What is your request exactly?

The screenshot I took is from the product support page.
Here is what mine looks like

I would like it to be: List, Board, Timeline, Calendar and Form
But I don’t know how to update it.

Ok so your point is that you are missing the Board tab. This is “normal”, the feature allowing you to have both List and Board for the same project is being rolled out to all Asana users slowly. You should see it happen in the next weeks/months, you can’t do anything in the meantime to speed things up.

You can find “tricks” to achieve the same in Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

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Yes, we’re still awaiting our update, @Shanna_SF. It’ll reach everyone at some point soon. :crossed_fingers:

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