Simply Change Project Layouy

It would be nice to have a simple way to change from a Board Layout to a List Layout in a Project

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@Veronica Thanks for your feedback! This request comes up very often and we’re looking at ways to enable the ability to switch from boards to list and vice versa.

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Is there currently a way to change a project from a board to a list? Is there a link to a how to do this? Thanks!

YES! Desperate for this feature!

Has any progress on this been made? I’ve sent an enquiry about this three times now and not had a response. It would be so useful in order to save time recreating projects in the alternative view.

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Is there STILL no way to change a project from one type to another? I started a project as a Timeline on a lark, then did a ton of work in its List view, but I see that it’s still technically a Timeline type project, and when I share it with others, they see the useless Timeline view by default. This is really frustrating.

Hi @Brendon_Troy,

I think there are actually two distinct topics in your post.

Regarding switching between List and Board views: yes, this capability has recently been added to Asana. As of this writing, about 90% of user accounts have been converted so they have this new capability. You’ll know you have it if you have both “List” and “Board” available in your main project menu:

Timeline view has always been available in both List and Board projects, and that hasn’t changed.

Your second topic is regarding which view is the default view for a given project. You can easily change the default view by switching to the view you want to be the default and then selecting “Save layout as default” in the project dropdown menu:

The view you set as the default will apply to anyone who accesses the project.

Thank you very much for your helpful reply, @Phil_Seeman! Hopefully, others who have this same question will come across it (instead of thinking that this is impossible), too. All the best!

Hi @Veronica, @DerekB, @Stephanie_Baxter, @Lauren_Thompson and @Brendon_Troy :wave:t5:

I’m jumping here to let you know we have successfully migrated all Projects in Asana to the new data model so you are now able to switch all your projects between List and Board view and vice versa! :smiley:

I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice day!