In the team page, allow to set project project view to List by default (it currently defaults to tiles)

When you click into a Team and see all the Projects that live within that team, the default view is “View as tiles.” You can manually switch to “View as list,” but if you from there click into a project and then go back to the Team “home” page the view is tiles again. There should be a way that I can set my preference for one or the other as default – or at least allow me to change it on a Team by Team basis (or workspace wide!). It’s incredibly frustrating that I can change it, but not set the preference. Please allow me and everyone else to customize my/our workspace(s).

Hi @Isabelle_Englund and thanks for sharing this great feedback with us! I’ve slightly edited the title to make it clearer and more discoverable to other community Members, hope you don’t mind!