In the team page, allow to set project project view to List by default (it currently defaults to tiles)

When you click into a Team and see all the Projects that live within that team, the default view is “View as tiles.” You can manually switch to “View as list,” but if you from there click into a project and then go back to the Team “home” page the view is tiles again. There should be a way that I can set my preference for one or the other as default – or at least allow me to change it on a Team by Team basis (or workspace wide!). It’s incredibly frustrating that I can change it, but not set the preference. Please allow me and everyone else to customize my/our workspace(s).

Hi @Isabelle_Englund and thanks for sharing this great feedback with us! I’ve slightly edited the title to make it clearer and more discoverable to other community Members, hope you don’t mind!

Probably a bug:
The project list on the team page only remembers you view selection (either “View as tiles” or “View as list”) only when selecting between teams. As soon as you click away from a team view the UI forgets your choice.

Hi @Adam_Terrey :wave:

Thank you for reaching out! You are correct here. The default view for Projects in you Team Page is - View as tiles, and there is no option to set the preferences to view as List by default.

There is an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it to consolidate feedback. Please don’t forget to upvote it.

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Having the ability to view projects within a team as a list by default without having to manually edit every time.

Hi @Salar_Tahour and welcome to the Forum!

This should be available once we implement the ability to switch view from Board to Project (and vice versa). Will keep you posted as soon as I have some updates in this regards!


View settings should be saved on a per-user basis. While I prefer list view for projects, others may prefer grid. Not sure what this has to do with switching from Board to Project.

Also, if a user prefers list view for projects, should it apply to the project view for all other teams? That’d be my vote, but others may prefer different views for different teams. Either way, not having it switch back after having set your preferred view would be appreciated.


Has this been updated…I want to change my default to view projects as a list as well.

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Not just yet @Steve_Podell but we’re hoping to roll it out soon!


Me either! I want this feature so much. Waiting for your update.

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Agreed, this is a much needed feature as constant manual selection to redo preferred settings wastes time and becomes frustrating. Listen to your customers Asana and improve the experience for future customers. Thank you.


near 4 years for this simple feature? Really?

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Is there anyway to setup the Project View to the List View to be the default view vs View as Tiles?


Hi @EdgarArana :wave: Thank you so much for reaching out.

At the moment it is no possible to setup the Project View to the List View by default. We already have a thread regarding this topic in the #productfeedback category, so I’ve gone ahead a merged your post with this main thread. I hope it’s OK. If you haven’t yet, feel free to upvote for it.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I get an update about it!

Have a great Monday!

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When I create a list in a new workspace that I create, I can switch between List or Grid view. I don’t have this option in my main organization space. What gives?

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Hi @Vicky_Winkler :wave:

This functionality has been slowly rolled out across Asana so if you don’t see this ability in your Organization just yet, you will soon! :slight_smile:


Yay! I can’t wait!


Please, this is a most needed feature.

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Hi @Patrick_Chenard,

We’re in the process of rolling out this update, you can follow-up on updates here :point_right: Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa) and if you’re interested to learn more about the technical aspect involved, have a look at Sections are dead! Long live sections! :slight_smile:

Hi! Is this feature available yet? Would be so nice to have…