Changing Default View on a Project

Hello! I set up a project in Board view, but after using a it a bit I would like for the default to be List view. There used to be a way to change that (as noted in a previous forum chat from 2022); however, I do not have that option (unless I’m overlooking it).

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 9.42.20 AM


@Holly_McHargue - it’s still available, just changed locations :slight_smile:

Just go to the view that you want as the default view and click the three dots next to that view’s tab name. Then click Set as Default.

Should be all set. :slight_smile:

Does that help?

P.S. You can also set custom filters and sorting, view by view, and then save those options as the default just for that view. I’m super in love with the new customizations. :tada:


Oh my word! There it is! I know I clicked on that menu several times but just overlooked it somehow. Thank you for your help.

Yes, the customizations have come in handy!

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