Default view for seeing projects as a list in workspace

How can I set the “List” view as the default view for seeing the list of Projects in a Workspace? It always reverts to “Tile” view the next time I access the list.


Hi @William_McMillan,

Could you please send screenshots of the List and Tiles project + the URL of this project to our support team so they can investigate this further?

Many thanks for your help!

@Marie, I wonder if @William_McMillan is referring to the Home page Favorites and Recent Projects areas?

If so, the feature simply isn’t there and no need to ask Support. Sounds like a request for “Save View for Everyone” capability here maybe? Or maybe I’m misinterpreting??

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Oh yes @lpb, I feel like you could be completely right there :slight_smile: @William_McMillan keep us posted :slight_smile:

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I have the same request. One example is, when you click into a Team and see all projects for that Team. The default view is the tiles. If you change ti to list, then click into a project, and then go back to the Team landing page listing all projects, you get the Tile view again. It’s insanely frustrating.