November Update - Default view = list

Seems like in the past couple of weeks the default view when switching between people on my sidebar sets to ‘list view’. I remember before this update it seemed to remember what view you were on previously for the person and stayed there. I understand there is an option to ‘save layout’ for projects, but this same option doesn’t seem available for team members. Is there a way to set or keep the last view for a project? My preferred viewing option is the calendar view.

Any help would be much appreciated.

For a regular project, you always end up on the default view. That should still work. However when opening someone’s tasks list, you end up on My Tasks view for that person, and that is another topic. My Tasks is slowly moving toward a regular project, and they are removing/adding various details as they move towards it. Maybe that is part of it.


Hi @Maxwell_Stuber,

Bastien is correct there, when visiting a colleague My Tasks, the view automatically defaults to List and I’m afraid there is no option to set the calendar as your default view. This has always been the case, so there is a chance you may have mixed it up with a regular project?

Thanks for the responses. That would be a really useful feature for our team. I flip between colleagues many times in a day, and always want to view in ‘calendar’ view.

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