Projects in a Team always display as Tile view

Changing the Projects in a Team to List view doesn’t keep it as a list. Any time you return it is back to Tile view.

Steps to reproduce: Click on a team. Change the Projects to List view. Navigate to anywhere else in Asana. Click back on the team again - Tile view.

Browser version: Chrome Version 83.0.4103.44, Mac OSX

Hi @Ben_Cook, welcome to the Community Forum!

The default view for Projects in you Team Page is - View as tiles. This is not a bug but rather expected behaviour.

I’d encourage you to add your vote to an existing thread we have on this topic: In the team page, allow to set project project view to List by default (it currently defaults to tiles)

I hope this helps!

Hi Emily, thanks for the swift reply.

I certainly don’t mind View as tiles being the default view for projects, but I am surprised that forgetting that I’ve then changed it (away from the default) is expected. Surely having the option to change the view is so that users can set their own preference? If not, what’s the point of having the option?