In the team page, allow to set project project view to List by default (it currently defaults to tiles)

Hi @Natalia
Just to confirm are you meaning the List View for Team Projects (as opposed to the default Tile View) …Or are you referring to the new list view for individual tasks within a project?

Definitely looking forward to the new list view for tasks, but in this case wanting the List View for Team Projects (not Tile View).

Hi @Jamie_Alter :wave:

I was referring to the option to Switch between List and Board within a Project although this thread is really about the option to view projects within a Team as a List by default as opposed to the default Tile View

Regarding the Project view within a Team, I don’t have an update to share at the moment, but I’ll make sure to post in this thread aso soon as I do!

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Thanks @Natalia

So I know, will there be an option to view projects within a team as a list by default and not tile?


Would really like to be able to see projects within a team as list by default, any news on that?


I think there’s major confusion on the Asana side. We need to be able to set the default view of project within a Team as a list view instead of tiles. This is NOT about viewing tasks as list or board.


Is there any update on this? We really hate having to hit list view each time we enter a project?


Hoping to be able to view all projects within in a team as a list instead of Tiles. Is this part of the update that is currently rolling out over time?


Any progress on this feature request?


Could you at least change it so the list view is default? I can’t imagine anyone preferring tiles view (at least if you have more than 3 projects). It’s pretty annoying to manually change it every time :triumph:

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I would also like to join everyone in requesting that the default setting when viewing teams be LISTS and not TILES …must be easy for ASANA It to set this …

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My team’s been asking for this too. Doesn’t solve the issue, but as a workaround, getting used to browsing projects in the sidebar instead of the team page might help (it’s already a list there).

Adding my name to this list. Trying to roll Asana out now in my department; team view defaulting back to tiles throws off new users every time. And for more experienced users -to be frank- it’s a total pain in the a**. Please give us the ability to default to list view. Our workaround is same as everyone elses which is browse in the sidebar. I see this suggestion goes back to Oct 2018; is this a feature that’s in dev? … or should we write this one off - thx!