Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Earlier today, we announced that It is now easier to identify when you've been @mentioned in Asana!, giving you more clarity on what notifications matter the most to you.

To give you increased clarity into where work stands and make it easier to navigate all the details of your project plans, we’re also beginning to roll out a reimagined List View. The new List View brings together the visual familiarity of a spreadsheet with the collaboration features you need to keep work moving forward—all in one place.

This will be rolling out slowly to all customers over the next few weeks, so if you don’t see the changes just yet, you will soon! We will notify you in-product as soon as this change is available. In the meantime, you can have a look at this new view via this Guide article.

Some improvements that we’re most excited about:

  • A more grid-like structure so it’s easy to scan what needs your attention.
  • Add new columns in a simple click.
  • Customize your project to show or hide fields such as assignee, due date, and projects (coming soon, more visible fields on the project).
  • Subtask count and comment visibility to understand the full scope of work.
  • Updated task details now slides-in to make it easier to view and act on work.
  • Coming soon: We’ll also be adding some new features prior to launching to all customers, including things such as section totals.

We hope you enjoy this new view and as usual, we look forward to your feedback and questions, feel free to post them in the comments below!

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Great! Looking forward to this…

I didn’t see this feature mentioned in the Guide article. Can you describe or show screenshots/animation?

Thanks Marie,


With the new list view tags are not shown any more in the list - that is the worst change since a long time!


More: This is pretty near to a show-stopper for me.




I tried that but didn’t have that choice until a minute ago. Now I have it. Anyway I only see the assignee and tags if I don’t have clicked on a task to see the details on the right.
And I cannot modify the column width. So summary: It was better as it was before.

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Sorry, the assignee is still displayed with details on the right - but tags are not and due date is not.

These look like some really great improvements! Can’t wait to take advantage of the new List View.


Is there any way to opt-in for the early access program? I am our company’s Asana Admin, so it’d be helpful to see this stuff before it starts rolling out to other users so I am prepared for the fires I’ll invariably have to put out.


This is absolutely killer! Great work! Super excited to use it!

Pulling out the number of sub-tasks within the top listview item is so much appreciated! Thank you thank you!

It always felt like with the old version, the width of the page wasn’t fully taken advantage of, this new format does a great job!

Curious what it looks like when a task is expanded? Does it still push everything over to the left? Or is it a slide-out overlay from the right? Hopefully it’s not just a centered overlay as that would mess with triaging workflows (being able to see other data while clicked into a task).

Thanks so much and keep up the great work! Please add me to an early opt-in if there is one :raised_hands:


Ditto. I had the update rolled out to my personal workspace but not my Premium account. My team has been looking for features like this and I’d love to provide a timeline for when we will gain access to this functionality.


While the interface is clean, the inability to be able to adjust to column size makes it completely dysfunctional. If you have more then one tag they get cut off and become essentially useless. Looks like you guys need more work on this release before automatically transferring everyone over as you did to our team today.


@abass and @lpb the task details pane is a slide-out overlay from the right, I don’t have a GIF yet, but this is what it looks like when it’s open:

I’ll ask the Team in charge of the Guide if they add a GIF to this Guide article


Hi @Marie what’s that little clock icon?

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Hi @Matthew_Wolf,

You’re correct, as it stands it is not possible to adjust columns width. This is our first draft and definitely something we will iterate on in the future. Would you mind creating a new #productfeedback thread to allow other community members to vote for this feature request? On my end, I will escalate your feedback to the Team in charge of this launch, and I’ll keep you posted as soon as I have an update.

Regarding the second issue (tags being cut-off), but if you want to create a new thread in #tipsandtricks and share a screenshot to illustrate the issue, I’d be more than happy to look into this for you.

Looking forward to your reply!


It’s the Harvest integration @Ben_Brenner, it allows you to track time spent on task and has reporting options. You can learn more about it here: :slight_smile:


@Matthew_Wolf check out (and vote) for the following:

@Marie can these two be merged?


I was just looking it to it @Ben_Brenner, all done now! I’ll close the loop on other #productfeedback requesting some of the feature requests we rolled out as part of this launch.

Thanks for keeping an eye out and helping me keep this forum organized :wink:


Thanks for your feedback, I submitted a vote. Is it possible for those of us who aren’t so pleased with the recent updated and were automatically switched over to be reverted to the previous version of the interface if we wish. While this “first draft” is interesting and I can see the potential, its actually been really detrimental to our workflow and would prefer not to have it as our interface until the kinks are worked out….everything was working great before you introduced this update.

Thanks, Matt