PSA: Upcoming changes to the Asana user interface

Hi Developers!

As you may know, we are in the process of rolling out some new enhancements to the Asana UI as outlined in Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

In addition to Increasing the limit of "important" custom field settings per project, we wanted to point out that this update will include other differences in how the list view and task pane is structured visually, which may cause breakages to apps that rely on reading the page structure of Asana. For example, browser extensions that read or inject UI.

The Asana web user interface is not a part of our developer platform and is an area that constantly undergoes change and evolution as we listen to feedback from customers. As such, we recommend against building apps that rely solely on the existence of certain UI elements. If you do own such an app, it may require some maintenance to continue to function correctly over the next few weeks.


@lpb warning is a bit late I guess :grimacing:

Yes, this notice is arriving after many Asana customers have already been updated to the specific change mentioned (List View).

Ideally, as both a third-party developer and a Certified Pro I’d like to be able to one-time sign up to be included in early access to any major changes such as this List View change. There are always some customers involved early; I (and others I’m sure) would like to be among them or at least have an option to decide.



Is there any way to change the list view back to how it was? Our team is not happy with the changes and have been looking for away to revert it. All of us use List View and it’s made the projects much more confusing and harder to view and track. Please advise if there will be away to revert or choose.

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Currently there is not - please see:


That’s disappointing. I hope we can get an option because this just made a ton of work for us to make it easier to use (having to remove the duplicate sections and tasks).

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This is the problem:

“This section was converted to a task. A new section with the same name now appears in your project.”

If this was reverted, where this didn’t happen, we would be ok. Now we worry about all of our templates being messed up if things change again.

Hey @Melissa_Brown,

I know it may not really matter much in the big picture, but just for clarity’s sake in terms of discussion here in the forum, you’re actually talking about a completely different change than the one mentioned here.

What this thread is referring to is a recent purely visual UI change in how list views are displayed, which refers back to this announcement.

What you’re referring to is an unrelated change in how sections are handled in list views, which refers back to this announcement.

The bottom line, though, is that for both of these changes, there’s no option to revert back to “the old way”.