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Anyone know if Asana changed their Portfolio List view this week and if there’s a way to change it back? The rows are shorter and more condensed, which results in more text on screen and a really overwhelming view that makes my eyes cross.


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Hi @Rachel_Roush! :wave: (Good to see ya) :slight_smile:

There is not currently a way to change it back; however, two things:

  1. There are quite a few pieces of feedback coming in quickly as this is being rolled out. I’d encourage you to review and/or vote on the following posts:
    Portfolio view: Row width
    Portfolio View - Milestones no longer wrap
    Status Summary notes in Portfolio view

  2. My team built an Asana add-on with 30+ Asana custom features – it’s called Supersana.io. If Asana doesn’t announce a change back to the previous portfolio options within a couple weeks, we will be rolling out a “See Old Portfolio Layout” feature that will allow you to revert mostly back to the old layout (won’t be exactly the same, but very similar). This will be one of the features you can use for free in Supersana.io. You can grab the free forever version right now, and it’ll auto-update once that new feature is available. NOTE: Also, the free forever version will change in the next 1-2 weeks – you will be able to pick any 2 features that you want for free. So, the fix won’t cost you anything.

Choose any 2 features to use free forever (30+ to choose from):

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Oh hello there @Bryan_TeamKickstart ! Nice to see you. Thanks for the info, super helpful. Sounds like we’re not alone. :upside_down_face:

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