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I just refreshed the Asana App to the latest version, and in my Portfolio View - the comments under status update are no longer displayed: Being able to see the comments without clicking into a project was a feature we were relying on. Also, the milestone markers used to wrap. We have many milestones and now the column has to be widened much too far. How do I get this functionality back?

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Hi @Chantelle_Drury :wave:

I think it’s a new version of the Portfolio List view that is currently being launched (or A/B tested) - but I couldn’t find any announcement on the forum yet.

Feel free to use the button “Send Feedback” on the top right of the view.
That’s the best way to reach the Product Managers with your valuable feedback.

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@Chantelle_Drury - I whole-heartedly agree with your feedback! @Marie - any chance they’re willing to take another look at this before we get too far in?

Removing key information like this makes this view significantly less helpful for the team leads and executives who will be using it most.

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Regarding the loss of the status update info, please see and upvote here:

I recommend you create a new forum topic under the Product Feedback area covering just this point so people can vote for it if desired.


Thanks - I created a new topic with just the milestone topic :

Portfolio View - Milestones no longer wrap - Community Forum English / Product Feedback - Asana Forum

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Ok, so I’ve been pulling my hair out and find out this was just today?

It’s fine if you all want to have a detailed view and compact view, but we need to be able to select between them. I went all in on portfolios specifically because of the detailed overview of all my projects, including and specifically because of the last status update text. Here I went to show this new feature to my assistant, the only other user, and found that all the portfolios that I’ve shared with him show up as the compact view.

Maybe it’s the 3 cups of coffee I’ve had, but I’ve been giving myself chest pains this morning trying to figure out how to toggle the view because the limited compact view is utterly useless in my use case.

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Please vote for the topic located here! Status Summary notes in Portfolio view - Community Forum English / Product Feedback - Asana Forum

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I’m closing this thread as there are two Product Feedback threads now for each of the issues @Chantelle_Drury raised here:

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