Portfolio View - Milestones no longer wrap

I just refreshed the Asana App to the latest version, and in my Portfolio View, the milestones are no longer wrapping. They also aren’t in order so this doesn’t make sense. We have many milestones and now the column has to be widened much too far. How do I get this functionality back?



Yeah I just saw that too, please can we have it back the way it was? This text was important context for our executive and leadership reporting.

This is the new design being rolled out to everyone. Your feedback is important to Asana, but as far as I know this is being rolled out, this is not an A/B test. (PS: I don’t work for Asana)

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I understand the value in this condensed view but am with everyone requesting that the preview be added back. I was planning to roll out a portfolio for our senior leadership team (who does not otherwise use Asana) and was dependent on them being able to see what they needed at a glance. This means they would need to know to click for more information and I fear this means they won’t adopt it as a valuable dashboard.

I’d love the option to toggle that field to a condensed or preview view!

To be the devil’s advocate, the previous view had something like 5 words displayed, it wasn’t the full status… Having a column with more words would be ideal.

I have to add to this topic, the new view for me seems to go from left to right for some kind of reason. With 18+ milestones per project that’s not only a condensed view, but basically no view of the first 10 milestones at all.
I would really appreciated the choice to see more than 8 milestones if possible, but if not to actually have them go from right to left instead left to right.

Welcome, @Naomi_Steiner,

I’ve voted for this request and agree it could be better, but I wanted to clarify some points in your post:



Hi Larry,
You are right in that up to 12 milestones are shown depending on column width.

I also voted on the topic you linked,

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