Portfolio view: Row width

I’ve been using Asana’s Portfolio view extensively for my projects, and it’s been an invaluable tool for visualizing progress and managing a mix of portfolios & projects.

Now with the new update, the width of row is fixed and smaller

It would be immensely helpful to have the flexibility to resize them according to our specific needs. This feature would enhance customization and make it easier to view and organize in the Portfolio view.


Hi @Naomi_LE,

Your post is related to Portfolio View - Milestones no longer wrap and I thought about merging them, but I guess yours is more general so should probably left separate. Do you agree, or do they fit together?

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It seems like they fit with the “customization” of the portfolio view. We all use this feature in a way that is unique to our organizations. A one size fits all approach to this high level screen doesn’t make sense.

I have a long list of projects and it’s difficult to see them packed in so tightly. It hurts my eyes. I would appreciate the option to go back to the previous layout, which is much easier to read.

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I rely on the Portfolio List view constantly to quickly assess daily/weekly work. It would be very helpful to have the flexibility to resize the rows - right now the view is overwhelming and makes my eyes cross.