Custom Timeline View in Portfolio

Hello, our company has the paid version of Asana - used all on the Web. In the Portfolio, there is a Timeline view that is most helpful. Can the horizontal lane in this view expand (enlarged up and down) if there are too many milestones for a particular project? So if my portfolio has 5 different projects and one of those projects has too many milestones to show cleanly in a given Year or Quarter, then having the ability to expand the lane would make it easier to view the holistic view of the Portfolio for all projects and their dependencies. If not, is there a plug in (app) that is made to help in this? And if not for both of those, is there an app that is made to help with the exporting of the Timeline view for printing on large paper?

Thank you Kindly.

We have seen clients sync portfolios with Google Sheets (this is a native Asana feature) and then use the Timeline widget within Google Sheets to have more flexibility.

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Thanks Bastien, this is something I didn’t consider.

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