Compact portfolio list view

In the Asana help docs (and the marketing page about portfolios) there are a lot of examples of a condensed portfolio view where each project is on a single line with a small icon. Check out this page:


Every portfolio in my view shows a double-height icon with the project name on one line and the project’s team location below it. I cannot find a way to enable this condensed view—what am I missing? It doesn’t seem to use the “Enable compact mode” setting at all.

Hi @Tom_Pacyk , welcome to the forum :wave:

You aren’t doing anything wrong, this is new update is currently rolling out to all customers.

The Asana guide seems to be up-to-date to consider customers that already have this update. You should have it in your Asana space within the next few days. Make sure to refresh your browser from time to time, or close and reopen the desktop app if you use that instead.

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