Newest format - updated today

Our organization suddenly updated to a new view today. Our entire team is extremely unhappy with it. How can we go back to the previous view? This is very frustrating and not easy to work with, we have a major ASANA project meeting tomorrow morning and this sudden change is going to really hold us back for the presentation and training.

Can we please revert back? I can’t see where to do this.

Thank You!

This is the first time I have posted on any product forums in my whole life. So I hope maybe the team at asana would care.

I echo your thoughts on this. The new list view is not well though out.

The main reason is that the forced column layout take up way to much valuable screen space, and was never necessary. Task names often gets cut off on a 1920px wide monitor. (Worse for staff on monitors who are on smaller laptop screens)

The task names shouldn’t be cut off because often times reading the task name (in entirety) should be sufficient to remind the user what the task us, saving us many clicks to go through each task to remind ourselves of details.

In the past, assignee is only a profile picture - that is enough to know who task is assigned to. Now it takes up way more screen space to also show name.

Same with tags, due date. Back then, if there is no due date and tag, then no space is taken. Now it is a bunch of empty grid cells, taking space away from task name.

All this results in not being able to see the task name without clicking into each task.

I hope the team at Asana would reconsider this.

I also notice that this may be an attempt to look like airtable. But to be honest, if I want to use airtable, I would just manage everything there (I have an account). I use asana because asana’s old layout is superior to airtable. But now this is a step backwards.

Hi @Ashley_Rigoulot and @Ken_Corp

Thank you both for reaching out and my sincere apologies for the trouble here.

@Ashley_Rigoulot, Unfortunately we currently don’t offer an option to opt-out of new updates; the main reason behind this is that maintaining multiple version of Asana is technically very difficult and would most likely impact performances and slow our ability to develop Asana. We are aware this is a significant update, and we understand some users might find it difficult, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions in #tipsandtricks, we’ll be more than happy to help and advise you.

We’re also closely monitoring feedback and I’m reporting on a daily basis to our product team, so I would highly recommend you to let us know in the #productfeedback category. @Ken_Corp can you please go ahead and create a separate #productfeedback thread for each feedback you have, this will allow other users to vote for specific improvements and it will make easier for us to escalate your feedback and follow-up on updates.