It is now easier to identify when you've been @mentioned in Asana!

Hi everyone,

We have some exciting news to share with you today! We’re currently rolling out an update allowing you to better identify in notifications when you’ve been @mentioned in a task, a description, a conversation or a comment. We know that many of our customers use @mentions to highlight something important to their colleagues, and we want to make sure that this importance is reflected in notifications you receive, both in your Asana Inbox and via email notifications. So what have we changed exactly?

First, we’ve made the visual indication of an @mention more prominent, both in the Asana inbox and in the email notification. But we’ve also slightly modified the wording of email notifications to emphasize that you’ve been @mentioned in Asana.

We’re rolling out this new feature gradually, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing yet in your account, you will very soon!

We hope that this little change will make @mentions even more useful to you and your team.

As always, feel free to post your questions and comments in the comments below; we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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This is great news. There’s been confusion at our company as to when to use the @ mention. Some people do it for every person as they think it’s the only way for them to be notified, even if they’re already collaborators of a task. This will helpfully clarify.

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Any chance you could attach a screenshot of what the new version looks like? Even if it is being rolled out slowly and our team doesn’t have it yet, I want to show it to them and let them know to look for it in the near future. It is something we’ve wanted for years.

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Hi @Regan_Carriere :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

  • This is how @mentions look like in Asana:

  • This is how @mentions look like in email notifications:

Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions! Have a great Wednesday!


So do you only use @mentions if someone is not already a collaborator but you just want them to know about something happening with a task that they need to know about?

Hi @Marie! Are there any updates on notifications in the near future? I still think that notifications (E-Mail and Inbox) are too noisy. Both inboxes are flooded if turned on so we´re forced to turn it off. That completely neutralizes improvements on inbox and notifications as both is not in use.

It has been discussed in this topic but I wonder how bigger teams manage their notifications at the moment. We definitely can´t handle the sheer mass of updates.

Happy to hear your plans for notifications if possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This is something we’re currently working on @Andre_Pollklesener, I will share more details soon!


Great to hear! I´m very curious about it!

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This doesn’t look any different to me? Haven’t the @mentions always been blue?

This is a cool update! I tend to miss out on some mentions.

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Exactly, it is officially recommended in our team to turn off all email notifications, as it basically duplicates the inbox and only creates noise without providing any benefit.


@Alex_Graniere Agreed. I’ve been staring at those pictures a while and am struggling to understand what’s different. Guess I was expecting a colored gradient background, animated sparkles, and cats flying out the background

Great news! Will it be available as a search option as well?

@Andre_Pollklesener I’d say one way is to re-think who is assigned to what and when. You can place people inside a project without updating them every time the project is updated. Also, unless they have been @mentioned or assigned a task or manually clicked follow they won’t be updated. Lastly, if you are assigned briefly a task, part of handing it off is unfollowing it.

Major problems with software a lot of times are just minor adjustments in workflow.

Honestly most of the problems with the Inbox would be solved with filters. We need to be able to filter out noise in the Asana Inbox. As for email I will never turn that on. Why would I want my email filled up with stuff about my task list when the task list already has a place for this… If I’m not checking my tasks regularly then what is the point of Asana? And for those outliers who may have people in your asana that rarely get assigned a task… you should be contacting them directly anyways to let them know they have a task through slack, email, phone call, text, whatever. I wouldn’t just create a task and then hope someone sees it that rarely opens asana.

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I’m not 100% sure but I think it is the “@” symbol being at the start of a tagged person.

I personally liked it without the “@” symbol as now it just stand out too much - which is what Asana wanted anyways - either way I don’t mind it.

@Matthew_Burt that may be one way to avoid notifications but I don´t want to adjust our workflow to the way notifications work. But that may be different for every kind of organization which is why I´d suggest a more granular set of options for notification settings.

But thanks for your impulse.

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+1 the inbox needs tp be able to filter out all the noise. I don’t care if someone checks off a subtask or changes a due date. All I really care about are @mentions and comments.

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@Alex_Graniere and @Matthew_Burt,

We’re working on improving Inbox and implementing filters; I’m hoping to have some good news to share soon!