Improve Messages - Notifying users without having to @mention

I love Asana, but can’t stand the way comments are handled in conversations. When I start a conversation, I want to be able to specify who should see the original post, and who should see all follow-up comments. This isn’t possible right now. The first person the replies to the original conversation has to “@” mention everyone that should be notified about that reply, and subsequent replies.

This is completely counterintuitive. We’re coming from Basecamp, where you choose who is on the thread and those people get notified not only about the original post, but also all replies. If they don’t want to continue to receive notifications, they can unsubscribe.

Even within my own team, it’s hard to get people to remember to “@ mention” people in replies. But we are engaged in a project with outside contributors that are not that familiar with Asana, and it has been a nightmare. So many conversations happening where the first person to reply doesn’t “@ mention” everyone who should get it, and then people are left out who shouldn’t be.

I’m guessing that Asana set it up this way to protect people from getting too many notifications. But shouldn’t individuals be able to manage that themselves, using their notification settings? The way it works now is really non-functional.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with @Chris_Kresser and for providing us with some context; understanding why this is disturbing your workflow is key for us! We will definitely take your feedback onboard next time we decide to revamp/update Conversations; on my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update.

Note that I have modified your title to make this thread more discoverable, so other users in the same situation than you can upvote your feature request.

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused, and again thank you for taking some time to share your thoughts with us, we really appreciate it!


Once a status message goes out, replies are hidden from those involved in a project.
This is not idea.

Can we not just have all collaborators kept on a message, and let people opt out if they want to avoid the notification?

Loosing collabs on replies is a bit of an issue.