Additional Notification Option (only @mentions)

Currently we only have 3 settings for notifications - weekly dashboard, all activity, and task reminders. For my workflow and I don’t believe my situation is unique having these on would be overwhelming and counterproductive but without having them it limits the communication aspects available in Asana. I would like to see an option or a workaround to get notifications specifically for @mentions.


i up this because is also very important for me. What can we do?


Yes please!!!

So frustrating, I don’t want to be spammed with emails about the 50 task changes per day. Neither do the people working on my team, so we all have our email settings turned off. But I do occasionally want to capture conversations about a task (in the actual task). So now I have to copy the email text into the task.

Basecamp (which is a horrible task management system IMO) handles comments very well.

Asana… you can do better…


Same here… our entire team has given up on Asana notifications because there are just too many irrelevant ones in our inbox. Now we are just having to use slack to manually notify others if we really need their attention.


Hi folks, just a quick note to let you know you can now easily filter out @mentions in your Inbox! More info in this post: Inbox | Product guide • Asana