Notifications for Mentions



We have lots of tasks, lots of conversations and lots of projects.

We’re using Asana to communicate development tasks to our development team. The big problem is that while we raise these tasks, we really only need notifications if someone mentions us, outside of that getting any sort of notification for other team members talking to each-other just holds things up.

I really can’t see any way to only get alerts for just mentions.

Additionally, it’d be great to get those through slack, so if anyone has any tricks for that (again, just mentions) that’d be great.


Hi Mike,

Glad to hear you’re able to put so much of your work in Asana! We can understand that folks have different preferences for notifications. If you haven’t already, I recommend that you visit these resources in the Asana Guide

In addition to whatever resonates with you from ^ these articles, I recommend

  • Each person updates their project notification settings. (Go to the project member settings in the top right corner of a project and update notification preferences.)
  • If you create a task, you’re automatically added as a follower (which means you’ll get task updates). So, you could create a convention on your team that if someone is a task creator, she can choose to remove herself as a follower.

For Slack, I bet lots of people here will have recommendations! I suggest that you post in the #integrations category with specific questions :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Hi Alexis, with all due respect, the options that you offer for following and notifications are very much inadequate, and has lead our team to completely ignore notifications and the inbox in favor of just pinging a link to a task in Slack when you need to notify someone. I agree that breaking out a setting for getting notifications for mentions would help a lot. Right now it’s basically all or nothing, and the way that Slack/email notifications are formatted (they always include your name for you own actions) make it impossible to filter out the noise.


I appreciate that sentiment, @Henry_Bridge. Our product team would be happy to hear this feedback, so feel free to create a post in our #productfeedback category!


We get the same feedback for this enhancement also.


We have the same issue - we can’t seem to find any way in asana to “view” only the tasks we have @mentions in. Any solve for this?


This is a big issue for our team as well. We love asana but the noise to signal ratio on the notifications is so high that it makes it very difficult us to keep track of conversations being had on tickets and makes it hard for us to keep all ticket related conversations in a single palce


I have the same issue as Mike. Currently an @mention makes me a follower of a task and thus I get notified of every…single…following…comment…sigh. I would prefer that if @mentioned, to not automatically add me as follower of the task. Instead just notify me of the comment. For example, I may not be following a task (because it is not in my domain of interest), but someone wants some information or help so they say “hey @aaron_paul, what time is the rocket launch?” I can then reply in the task comment “@Elon, it’s in T-30 seconds” so they have the information, but I don’t have to go remember to remove myself as a follower.

Carrying that thought further, an @mention could be elevated - i.e moves to top of inbox