Filter Inbox to @ Mentions


User story:

As a manager of a team of contractors and more than 20 projects at a time, I need to filter my Asana inbox to @ mentions so that I can respond to the comments that actually apply to me, keep work moving, and not miss deadlines.



I manage a department that is comprised of a team of contractors. Since I am the only full-time internal resource on the team, I create all projects and I create 95% of all tasks. Most of these projects and tasks are created by using templates. 

As a result, I am a collaborator on the majority of tasks in our projects. My Asana inbox is a nightmare even after disabling notifications for tasks that are due.

I asked my team to create tasks for me whenever they have questions, but that is not manageable.

Hi @Angie_Canon

This was discussed in another thread, if you’re interested in having a look:

I agree with you. This should definitely be a filter option in the inbox or advanced search.

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Hi Angie,

I was happy to see this has been suggested in the past and happily voted for the feature. Unfortunately, team communications are getting lost in task notifications within inboxes. It makes it very difficult to ‘nudge’ each other using comments to get status updates on project tasks. I think we will need either a nudge button or a way to separate out team communications from task notifications in the inbox for the inbox and communications to work more efficiently.



My inbox is full of lots of different notifications and I want to be able to just see where people have @mentioned me in a comment. Is there a way to filter for this?


Thanks for the great question, @Amara_Lynch. There is no way to do this today, and I’ve added this to the feedback category so we can include this request for future Inbox development discussions.

In the meantime, a solution that some customers use is to run an Advanced Search for items “Followed by = Me” and “Commented on by = Not Me” then sort by modified date. It’s not a 1:1 match of what you’re looking for, but it can be helpful in finding similar information.

The inbox is meaningless without this.



Please could we also have a filter option to sort notification from Old to New?

Without this, each time a login I have to scroll to the bottom of my inbox so that I am actioning things that come in priority order.

I imagine this will be quite straight forward to integrate and would apprecaite if it could be pushed out.

HI folks, i’m closing this thread since it is now possible to filter our @mentions in your Inbox ( Introducing filters for Inbox ⭐️ ) :slight_smile: