Filter Inbox to @ Mentions



User story:

As a manager of a team of contractors and more than 20 projects at a time, I need to filter my Asana inbox to @ mentions so that I can respond to the comments that actually apply to me, keep work moving, and not miss deadlines.



I manage a department that is comprised of a team of contractors. Since I am the only full-time internal resource on the team, I create all projects and I create 95% of all tasks. Most of these projects and tasks are created by using templates. 

As a result, I am a follower on the majority of tasks in our projects. My Asana inbox is a nightmare even after disabling notifications for tasks that are due.

I asked my team to create tasks for me whenever they have questions, but that is not manageable.


Hi @Angie_Canon

This was discussed in another thread, if you’re interested in having a look:

I agree with you. This should definitely be a filter option in the inbox or advanced search.