Mentions in the inbox

In the inbox it shows when you have been mentioned in a comment. If you follow a lot of projects there will be a lot of comments and updates in the inbox. It would be good to have a separate notification list between Activity and Archive where you only see the comments where you have been mentioned in. The reason I think this would be good is because these are comments that you normally need to act upon and then you could look at them first and after that you can look at the regular inbox and all the other updates.

The comments with mentions should be visible in the regular inbox as well so this should just be an extra feature.

I think this would help a lot!

I’d even love a different list for “Conversations” and “Activity” so that all of the marked complete or task created notifications are separate from convos and comments.

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If I’m understanding your idea correctly, it’s separating out @mentions from team/project conversations. I completely agree!

I’m not sure how many Asana users are in my boat, but I’m on every signal team in our system, this is due to the fact that we are a Division and not a whole organization. Which is fine, but it means I get every notification in my inbox. So when people tag me, it gets buried.

I think the inbox should include filtering, so I can see stuff in various ways, by:

  • @mention
  • assigned
  • project
  • team
  • due date
  • custom field

I actually would love to have multiple columns where I can set up filtering for each one, so I don’t always have to be shifting between filters. For example, we may have a priority project, and I want it’s notifications to stand out, so I may setup one column for that. Then I may want a column for a specific team to show, and finally a @mention column for most other stuff. These columns could actually be a grid of panels, and each panel has a different filter. So if someone just wants 1 panel like the system works now, they get that. If they want 2, they can get two. If they want 4 or 6 or 8, they can get setup. It would make communication a lot easier to sift through.

Last thing with this, archiving messages should be easier and more consistent. For example, I like to click down the side and hit the “x” to archive each message as I scroll through them. But some change where the x is, and you to do all you end up having to bounce your cursor from the bottom of the message back to the side each time there’s a group of similar messages to “archive all.” Just kind of annoying.

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Solved with the latest update?


Hi folks,

I’m closing this thread since we recently released a new update solving this issue: Introducing filters for Inbox ⭐️

Thanks again for supporting this feature request :slight_smile: