At Mention Higher Priority or separate list in Inbox

Without a lot of work, I think you could treat the @mention as a way to give priority to comments. For example, if I’m following a task, I will see the comment in my inbox, whether it’s really for me or not. But if someone @mentions me, that’s more of a direct, “hey you! work on this,” type message. But it’s not treated any different than a normal message that would show up in my inbox.

Maybe a focus on my @mentions or maybe a second box that only lists the stuff where I’m mentioned. Something like that.

One more thing… I would like to also see anything I was assigned to along with the @mentions to me.

Yes! I would also like to see an inbox feature where I can see all my @ mentions in one place. Great suggestion. :sunglasses:

@NoraRoxie, and others on this thread,

Doesn’t this address the request (one of the filters is for @mentions)?

I haven’t seen confirmation that it was fully rolled out to all users by now, but it was supposed to be.

Hope that might help,


Thanks @lpb! This is great. I wish I could filter my Archived messages in the same way though. Sometimes I’m a little “Archive happy” because I don’t like a backlog in my Inbox. :woozy_face: But, this is a nice feature for the Inbox.

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