Removing individual collaborators from a conversation before sending

When I am sending a conversation in a project, sometimes I want the message sent to all the collaborators in the project, and sometimes there are only a few people in the project that need to see the conversation. However, I cannot find an option where I can control who the message is sent to before I send it. Can Asana please add a way to edit which collaborators are notified about conversations on a conversation-by-conversation basis?

For example, next to where it says “x people will be notified” I would like to see bubbles of each person in the project, so I can deselect anyone I don’t want to send the conversation to. Thank you!

I know, this is annoying. You can’t, any conversation is notifying everyone to begin with… @Julien_RENAUD is working with teams, do you confirm?

I confirm that you can’t on a conversation-by-conversation basis, it could be useful.

In the project settings, if you select “Manage Member Notifications” then you can choose who receive the notifications of conversation’s creation. But I agree this not convenient as you can’t select on a conversation-by-conversation basis.

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Gotcha. Yes it would be super useful if a feature like this existed. Some of our team members get annoyed when they’re included on every single project conversation even if the topic doesn’t directly relate to them. @Alexis possible to bring this up to the folks working on “conversations?” Thanks so much!

I think the philosophy here is that if they are part of the project then they should be part of any conversation about the project. Same goes for Team. That does make sense but can feel weird sometimes.