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I have configured teams within Asana’s Teams>Projects framework and have invited external guests to join these teams and projects. However, I have encountered an issue whereby posting an update to a task only notifies 0 individuals in the corner. As a result, I have to manually add all collaborators to each task. Is there a solution to this problem?

I have attempted to make the project “Shared within Team only” and have set the project’s people as “Private to members,” but neither has proven successful in resolving the issue.

The only workaround I have found is to create a task template that includes all collaborators. However, given that the guests are members of both the team and project, it seems reasonable for them to receive notifications of all updates. Am I overlooking something?


To get notifications sent to folks when a comment on a task is posted, those people need to be added as Collaborators of the task.

By default, there are no task collaborators. If you assign the task, the assignee automatically becomes a collaborator.

As you mentioned, you can create a task template with your chosen collaborators pre-set as defaults. Another solution, if you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise would be to set a rule in the project:

  • Trigger: Task added to this project
  • Action: Add collaborators [specify your chosen folks]

The reason Asana doesn’t do this by default is because it doesn’t want to overwhelm everyone (many times people don’t want the behavior you’re requesting). Asana’s approach is to make it easy to notify project members of new tasks created. It behooves those notified to review those notifications and then click Join on the particular tasks they’d like to collaborate on.

You can get around that with the approaches above.

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