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I have a IT helpdesk support project that is being fed by an asana form. If needed, we will use the comments to get additional information from the user. Sometimes it seems the user gets added as a team member and then they get all the notifications for ALL tasks in the helpdesk project which is not ideal. My question is how do projects and teams notify individuals? Do I just need to make sure my users are not members of the team where the IT helpdesk project is located, or make sure they are not members of the project. How do I make sure the users don’t get notifications for tasks they are not a collaborator on?


A submission from the form will never add anyone as a project member. So either you have an automation running, or someone doing it manually.

Secondly, project members are only notified of new tasks. They don’t get notified of what’s going on within tasks, unless they are added as collaborators.

Any idea how people gets added at the project level?


@Bastien_Siebman Thank you. I have it figured out. We are new to Asana, and when I add someone as a collaborator to a task if they are not already an asana user, it sends them an invite and adds them as a project members. Only happens when we send an invite. There is an option to check when on the invite screen that says “Share only this task”. I was not checking that option. I am guessing if I do then it will just add them as a task collaborator and not as a project member. Thanks again for your response.



Awesome thanks, indeed you understood the situation correctly!

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