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My organization’s marketing department has recently started using Asana to manage our marketing requests.

When a request comes in, I assign it to one of my fellow marketing team members and then we add the request’s other stakeholders across the organization as collaborators. However, various task collaborators are complaining that they are receiving notifications for other tasks that they are not even marked as a collaborator in or involved with.

My question is, is there a way to ensure that collaborators are only receiving notifications for the tasks that they have been added to? Even better, is there a way to limit collaborators from seeing the other tasks in the project? John Doe from sales or Jane Doe from facilities doesn’t need to see and be notified of every other marketing request coming through.


Welcome, @Hannah_Carlson,

Task collaborators receive notifications for that task but that doesn’t expose them to notifications about other tasks.

It sounds like these collaborators are also Project Members with the “Tasks Added” checkbox checked so they’re getting notified about new tasks in the project as a result. They can turn that checkbox off to stop receiving those notifications.

For more info, see How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and search for notifications and project members for more info.

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